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  • Brand Name: VUUV
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Certification: CE
  • Size: 9.7
  • Model Number: For Tablet Keyboard

Keyboard layout difference

The keyboard provides "5" keyboard language layouts, which are carved based on the English layout.When choosing, please check whether the layout is suitable for your use before purchasing.

Please Read before Buying !!!

1. The system needs to be switched before use.
2. If you have purchased a keyboard + mouse, please connect the mouse first, and then connect the keyboard.
3. Before use, please check whether the keyboard style and language settings in "Settings" are suitable for your use.
4. Due to the brightness of the light and the brightness of the screen, as well as the adjustment of the paint each time during the production, it cannot be 100% guaranteed to be completely consistent with the picture. The actual received color and the picture may deviate. Please refer to the actual received color. Thank you! !
5. The light of the mouse is a breathing light and cannot be adjusted autonomously. The light in the picture is part of the light intercepted when the breathing light is switched.
6. If you encounter any problems, please contact our customer support to help you.

Colorful Dream Backlit Keyboard and Mouse Set

Comfortable Tap / Mute Button / Colorful Backlit.

2 Light Modes 7 Colors of Light

(💡) button
Press once: turn on the backlight,
Press twice: switch to breathing light,
Press three times: turn off all backlight.

(RGB) button
Adjust the light color. (The breathing light mode does not support adjustment.)

Breathing surround light design

The mouse has a colorful breathing light,which brings different colors in the work.

Product Parameter

High-quality price-performance ratio, strong battery life and compatibility.

Suitable For Multiple Operating Systems

Support Android/Windows/iOS/Mac OS System…etc. Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, PC Computers.

Suitable For Use In Dim Environments

When there is no light or in a dim environment,turn on the backlight mode, so that you are not afraid of the dim environment.

Super Long use time

Even if you are outdoors or traveling,you don't have to worry about power problems.

Tapping Comfortably,Mute Button.

Mute buttons, Comfortable Typing, Very Suitable For Study or Office use.

3 System Switching

(Please switch the required system before connecting the keyboard)

Mouse: 2.4GHz USB + Bluetooth connection.

2.4GHz USB: Compatible For Laptops and PC Computers With USB Ports.

Bluetooth: Compatible For All Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, and All-in-one PC With Bluetooth.

3 Levels of DPI Adjustable

800/1200/1600, Three Levels of DPI Switching,
Freely Adjust The Moving Speed of The Mouse.

Ultra-Thin and Easy To Carry.

Compared with ordinary keyboards and mice,Our keyboards and mice are thinner,And will not take up space in a backpack/briefcase,Making it easy to carry.

Bluetooth connection

Connect Bluetooth to start a new way of working on iPad.


Q:What should I pay attention to when connecting the mouse for the first time?

A:When the mouse is connected for the first time, you need to press the left button, the right button and the scroll wheel at the same time for about 3-5 seconds. (Please note that if the connected device is an iPad, please remember Turn on the assistive touch function in the iPad settings, you can find the instructions for the picture in our Q&A below)

Q: Is the scroll direction of the mouse USB connector and Bluetooth connection the same?

A: No, they are different. When using the USB connector, the scroll wheel slides in the same direction as the computer mouse. Bluetooth connection is the opposite.

Q: How to switch between different systems?

A: Fn+Q=Android, Fn+W=Windows, Fn+E=IOS.
Please note that please switch the system before connecting the tablet.

Q: What is the connection sequence of mouse and keyboard?

A: Connect the mouse first, then the keyboard.

Q: Why can't the mouse connect to the iPad?

A: For IOS system:
a. Upgrade IOS system above 13.0
b. Open the settings, find the Accessibility, turn on the Assistive Touch.
c. Turn on the iPad Bluetooth, click Ignore the connected device, press the left mouse button, right mouse button and the scroll wheel at the same time for 3-5 seconds, the Bluetooth window will display a new "BT5.0 Mouse", select pairing.

A: For Android system:
Press the left mouse button, right mouse button and scroll wheel at the same time for 3-5 seconds, scan and search for new Bluetooth, and then connect the mouse.

If you don’t understand, please contact us and professional technicians will answer for you.

Q: Why does Bluetooth display a "connected" mouse but no cursor?

A: Open the settings, find the Accessibility, turn on the Assistive Touch.

Q: The bluetooth keyboard letters are messy?

A: Please check the settings according to the prompts,
a. Check whether the keyboard language set on the iPad is English.
b. Disconnect the keyboard Bluetooth, click Ignore the connected device, reopen the Bluetooth keyboard, select system, Fn+E (IOS system).
Note: Fn+Q=Android, Fn+W=Windows, Fn+E=IOS
c. Press the L S Z buttons at the same time to reset the keyboard.

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