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  • Brand Name: NICREW
  • Material: Plastic
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Type: fish
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If you need to purchase a grid replacement separately, please contact customer service.

NICREW Chihiros Doctor 3rd Generation 3 in 1 Aquarium Algae Cleaner Electronic Inhibit Algae Sterilizer for Plants Fish Shrimp


Color: white 

Material: plastic shell 

Dimensions: 62 x 62 x 18mm (control board), 50 x 95 x 30mm (reactor) 

Power adapter: EU / AU / US / UK  Plug



Maintaining functions of restraining and suppressing algae growth, promoting growth of aquatic plants, protection for fish and shrimps

– Constant elimination of pathogenic bacteria and precaution of biological diseases, etc

– Prevent and inhibit diseases and algae formation at startup and over the aquarium life

– The new Chihiros Doctor has integrated 3 application covering usage of aquatic plants, fish and shrimp keeping into only a single      Doctor device

– Covering up to 90% aquarium sizes in the market, hence reducing cost of spending and offers greater convenience to take care of the aquarium

Product description

Chihiros Doctor 

The “Chihiros Doctor” composed by a reactor, controlled by an external control unit, releases active oxygen by electrolysis, releasing positive and negative ions and acting on the water redox potential, active trace elements that promote the growth of plants at the expense of the algae. Destroys olso suspended algae, pathogenic bacteria such as Aeromonas Hydrophila, herpes, fungi and Coli, acting in a positive way on the skin, mucous membranes, gills and gastrointestinal apparatus of fishes and shrimps. 

One device for all 

The Chihiros Doctor 3 in 1 works automatically 24 hours per day thanks to preset algorithms and change according to the dimension and liters ( from a minimum of tanks of less than 60 liters (15 Gal) to a maximum of tanks of 700 L (185 Gal)) also changes program if our priority will be the plants or the welfare of fishes and shrimps. 

Inhibit green algae and promote plants growth 

-Inhibit phytoplankton initial growth and reproduction. 

-Activate micro elements to promote plants growth. 

-Promotion of plants growth activates photosynthesis to stabilize ecosystem. 

Kill the crustacean pathogenic bacteria 

                   Automatically kill the pathogenic bacteria in the water in each hour through direct and indirect disinfection, which greatly improves the survival rate of juvenile prawns.

Safe because of coexistence with filter bacteria 

                   As there is no residual toxicity, it is limited to aerobic bacteria. Compared to UV sterilizer, Chihiros DOCTOR does not work steadily so regenerating and recovery of filter bacteria is rapid.


– It is designed not work all the time, only work about 30 seconds each 15-20 minutes. 

– Only used in fresh water. DO NOT use in water with a TDS above 500. 

– The mesh can keep use for long time without clean, but we suggest exchange a new mesh every 6 months. 

Q & A:

How does the Chihiros Doctor works?

—It is designed not work all the time, it works bubble come out about every 30seonds

Does it hurt fish?

—No influence to fish, shrimp and plant

Can it use in marine water?

—Only used for fresh water

How long do I need to clean the mesh?

—The new 3rd generation mesh can keep use for long time without clean, but we suggest exchange a new mesh every 6 months

Packing List: 

1 x Set of Aglae Inhibitor device   or    1 x Replacement Reactor 

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