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  • Brand Name: SAKSRAAR
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • NET WT: 10ml
  • Size: Moderate
  • Model Number: (6)suai yachi meibai serum
  • Item Type: Teeth Whitening
  • Ingredient: BHC.Grapefruit seed, honeysuckle extract
  • NET WT: 10ML
  • Model Number: R11
  • Ingredient: BHC.Grapefruit seed, honeysuckle extract
  • Item Name: Teeth Whitening Essence
  • Feature: White Teeth.Bright Confident
  • Item Type: Liquid
  • Function: Remove teeth stains
  • Suitable For: Any stained teeth
  • Expiration Date: 3 years
  • Quality Inspection: Qualitied,Freshen breath,Protect gums
Teeth Whitening Essence Powder Clean Oral Hygiene Whiten Teeth Remove Plaque Stains Fresh Breath Oral Hygiene Dental Tools

▶Usage for Teeth Whitening Essence: Before use, please clean the mouth with warm water, then use a cotton swab to dip proper amount of the product, wipe the teeth surface evenly and rinse it with clean water after 15-20 minutes, we recomend to use 2-3 times per week. ▶ Tips: 1. When removing the stains, please wipe gently so as not to damage the gums and oral mucosa; 2. Properly wet the cotton swab when it is soaked, making sure it is not too wet; 3. It takes about 1 min to wipe each tooth; 4. If the stains can't be removed completely, please use again after a week; 5. Children under the age of 13 should not use it. Do not try to swallow. ▶ Package Included: 1PCS Teeth whitening tools


▶ Product Name :Teeth whitening ▶ Ingredients: water,acetum,1,3-propanediol,peg-40 hydrogenated castor oil, hydroxyethylcellulose, phenoxyethanol, ethyhexyIglyce mentholum. ▶ Slogan: White teeth, bright confident ▶ Features: Contains unique soothing and whitening ingredients, gently removes exogenous pigmentation,effectively whitens teeth, white teeth, and smiles confide.

Still worried about your teeth health?

iInterdental black stain ☑ tea stains ☑ youllow teeth ☑ coffee stains ☑ smoke and alcohol stains ☑

Rich in natural health ingredients


Teeth whitening essence secret of bright white teeth

1. Protect gums provide protein and protect enamel. 2. Whiten teeth teeth are as bright as pearls. 3. Remove teeth stains say goodbye to black teeth yellow teeth. 4. Freshen breath remove halitosis and make you confident.

Remove plaque stain ☑ Clean whitening ☑ Nourish the teeth ☑


STEP 01: Before usins the tooth whitening serum, please clean the mouth with warm water; STEP 02: Then use a cotton swab to pick up, the right amount of product and wipe the surface of the tooth, repeatedly in front of the mirror; STEP 03: Rinse with warm water until the plaque is wiped off.

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